Sponsor a Horse

For an off-the-track thoroughbred, proper training and education for a new career is the key for successful long term placement and a secure future. The average time to complete this basic training is about 3 months, and is the biggest gift you can give to a retired race horse.

If you’ve always wanted to own and care for a horse without having the daily responsibilities, consider sponsoring a Second Stride horse at our facility. The following types of sponsorships are available:

  • The FRIENDS LEVEL sponsorship for $450 per month helps cover the daily care, worming and farrier expenses for a Second Stride horse while we search for a home for that horse. During sponsorship months, you will be kept informed of your horse’s progress and placement, and receive a monthly photo of your horse by email.
  • The PATRONS LEVEL sponsorship for $750 per month will help care for and facilitate the retraining or rehabilitation of a retired racehorse in the Second Stride program. During each month of sponsorship, you will receive information by email about the re-training process and photos showing your horse’s progress, and you will be kept informed about your horse’s prospects for placement in a new home. You will be invited to the farm to watch one training session with your horse each month.
  • The SAINTS LEVEL sponsorship of $1,200 per month will help facilitate the care, training, conditioning and showing of your sponsored horse. You will receive extensive photos of your horse by email, in all stages of training and showing. You will be invited to attend all your horse’s schooling sessions, as well as your horse’s shows where you’ll enjoy VIP treatment.