Our Mission

Second Stride’s mission is to provide professional rehabilitation, retraining and placement of retired thoroughbred racehorses with qualified adopters.

We specialize in giving transitioning thoroughbreds the proper care and quality training they need to succeed in something new. 

Since our founding in 2005, we have placed over 1,600 retired thoroughbred racehorses and other thoroughbreds in need with qualified adopters around the country.




Second Stride is proud to have 2014 Kentucky Derby contender, General A Rod as our ambassador! He would love to welcome you to our Oldham County, Kentucky farm for a tour.
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She’s A Shoo In
  • 6 year old thoroughbred mare
  • Honor Code (A.P. Indy) out of Royal Flush by Smart Strike
  • Bred in KY
  • 16 plus hands. She last raced in 2021 and was retired. She can no longer be bred. 

    Shoo is a gorgeous filly who is kind and respectful. She does well out with other mares and is quiet in her stall. She settles down quickly upon turnout and peacefully munches on hay in her stall. She is good for grooming and stands well for the vet and farrier.

    Shoo will be suitable for any discipline and will look stunning in the show ring or with some bling out on the trails!

Scott Pond
  • 7 year old thoroughbred gelding
  • Lemon Drop Kid (Kingmambo) out of Honey Lake by Dynaformer
  • Bred in KY
  • 16.1 hands. He last raced in 2021. He has had an infection in the right hind suspensory ligament also in 2021. It is now healed. 

    Scottie has been restarted in the fox hunting world and if he stays sound could try 2nd-3rd flight only. This is due to the infection he had in his suspensory. He will also do well as a trail or dressage horse. 

    Scottie settled right into our farm and hasn’t shown any vices. He walks respectfully on a lead rope and is quiet in his stall. He behaves in the field and settles down quickly to graze. Scottie is a little nippy when you groom him but he is not mean and means no harm. He does stand well for grooming, vet and farrier.

    Scottie is a ready made horse and ready to go!

Mendel Warrior
  • 4 year old thoroughbred gelding
  • Mendelssohn (Scat Daddy) out of Kiss Mine by Mineshaft
  • Bred in KY
  • 16 hands. He last worked on 9/5/23 and retired sound. Mendel spent his racing life in TX and is glad to be in the bluegrass to start his next chapter.

    Mendel settled in quickly to our farm and is turned out with other geldings and does great. He is quiet in his stall and doesn’t bother his neighbors. He walks respectfully on a lead rope and stands well for the vet and farrier. He was well behaved for grooming.

    Mendel is a little body sore so he will need some time to let down and allow his body to relax. He should be ready to train by mid to late spring- early summer. He should be able to handle any discipline his adopter chooses for him.

    A seemingly athletic guy, we look forward to riding him and see how he moves.

    Ride eval pending.



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