Our Mission

Second Stride’s mission is to provide professional rehabilitation, retraining and placement of retired thoroughbred racehorses with qualified adopters.

We specialize in giving transitioning thoroughbreds the proper care and quality training they need to succeed in something new. 

Since our founding in 2005, we have placed over 1,700 retired thoroughbred racehorses and other thoroughbreds in need with qualified adopters around the country.




Second Stride is proud to have 2014 Kentucky Derby contender, General A Rod as our ambassador! He would love to welcome you to our Oldham County, Kentucky farm for a tour.
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Wild Flight
  • 5 year old thoroughbred gelding
  • Noble Bird (Birdstone) out of Wild Horse Annie by Deputy Rokeby
  • Bred in FL
  • 15.2 hands. He last ran on 3/7/24 and retired sound.

    Wild Flight is a rambunctious boy but has a kind demeanor. He likes to play with his friends outside but is quiet in his stall and keeps to himself. He is well behaved when being groomed and enjoys the attention. He is respectful of his handlers and walks nicely on a lead rope. 

    He settled in well to farm life upon arrival and is enjoying the more laid-back lifestyle. 

    He should be suitable for most any discipline. 

    Ride eval pending.

Promise Me A Ride
  • 4 year old thoroughbred gelding
  • Mastery (Candy Ride (ARG)) out of Promise Me More by More Than Ready
  • Bred in KY
  • 16.2 hands. He last worked on 2/29/24 and retired with small OCD ankle chips. We do have x-rays. He has a small amount of arthritis in his left stifle. 

    Promise is a kind and easy going gelding with a quiet demeanor. He settled in nicely to our farm and is on full turnout with other geldings. He is respectful of his handlers and enjoyed being groomed. He stands quietly in his stall and doesn’t bother anyone. He is quiet and relaxed in the round pen.

    He is a cribber but it is controlled with a strap.

    Promise stands well for the vet and farrier. He enjoys being groomed and stands quietly. Bonus info: he stands great for pictures!

    He is slightly off on the left hind. We will add hind shoes to see if this improves.

     Ride eval pending.


Of The Moment
  • 6 year old thoroughbred gelding
  • Vancouver (AUS) (Medaglia D' Oro) out of Marq The Moment by Marquetry
  • Bred in KY
  • 16 hands. He last worked on 5/17/24 and retired with a right front rupture of the superficial tendon. He is currently on round pen turnout until 10/10/24.  He will then need to have another ultrasound on the leg to check for healing progression. At this time, he will be pasture sound only but if he heals well, he may be a very light riding horse.

    He was castrated on 7/11/24.

    Of The Moment is a good boy who is handling his rehab well. He is good in his stall and does well in the round pen. He is respectful of his handlers and stands well for grooming. He is good for the vet and farrier as well.




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