Our Mission

Second Stride’s mission is to provide professional rehabilitation, retraining and placement of retired thoroughbred racehorses with qualified adopters.

We specialize in giving transitioning thoroughbreds the proper care and quality training they need to succeed in something new. 

Since our founding in 2005, we have placed over 1,600 retired thoroughbred racehorses and other thoroughbreds in need with qualified adopters around the country.




Second Stride is proud to have 2014 Kentucky Derby contender, General A Rod as our ambassador! He would love to welcome you to our Oldham County, Kentucky farm for a tour.
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Dirt Boss
  • 3 year old thoroughbred gelding
  • Street Boss (Street Cry (IRE)) out of Primp by Bernardini
  • Bred in KY
  • 15.3 hands. He last raced on 2/3/24 and retired sound. He only raced 3 times with just 2 published works. He was reported to not have any injuries!

    He was castrated in early February 2024.

    Boss has a class clown personality and not a mean bone in his body. He seems intelligent and classy. He does have an energetic side but does respect his handlers. He has no bad habits under saddle or in the stall and gets down to business quickly.

    He is a clean slate and is suitable for any discipline. A perfect project horse or a horse you can climb the ranks with. Your choice with this one!




Composer’s Dream
  • 4 year old thoroughbred gelding
  • Mendelssohn (Scat Daddy) out of Circle of Rossetti by Bernardind
  • Bred in KY
  • 16.1 plus hands. He last worked on 6/10/23 and retired with a right front bowed tendon and splint. He is currently on round pen turnout. 

    He was gelded on 2/15/24.

    He will need to stay in the round pen for the next 30-60 days then reassess his soundness. He will need to be rescanned at that point to assess the healing. Once he is sound to ride, he will need to start with the walk and trot only for a few minutes a day. Once fully sound, he should be suitable for any discipline.

    Ride eval pending.

  • 5 year old thoroughbred gelding
  • Distorted Humor (Forty Niner) out of Touchy Feely by Bernardind
  • Bred in KY
  • 16 hands. He last worked on 9/3/24 and retired with a suspensory injury. He is currently trotting soundly in the field. He has limited vision in the left eye. 

    Sam is a very sweet and easy going boy with a loving nature. He has settled into our farm very well. He walks nicely on a lead rope and is respectful of his handlers. He was good for grooming and really loves a wet rag rubbed on his face. A loving guy. 

    This horse is going to be a rock star. He did not shy away from drills and hammering going on in our arena. He looked at himself in the mirror and did not shy away or get excited. On the longe line, he was well behaved and quick to learn. This horse has an excellent brain and once fully rehabbed from his suspensory, should go on to excel in most any career. He may struggle with jumping because of his left eye but he is defininetly willing to give it a try. Sam can begin walking back under saddle. He can begin to trot later this spring and return to full work summer.

    He stood quietly the first tie on cross ties. He was not afraid of anything happening outdoors around him.

    He currently turns out with other geldings and does very well. He had no issues upon first turnout and seemed to fit right in with some energetic youngsters.

    Kinison doesn’t seem to be too energetic so he may do well as a lesson horse.

    He can start back under saddle slowly at the walk. Trotting in straight lines for about 10 minutes each ride. You can increase trot time each week. He will be ready for full training in any discipline in August.

    Ride eval pending.


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