How to Adopt

1. AN APPROVED APPLICATION IS REQUIRED TO SEE A HORSE, click here for the Second Stride adoption application.

2. We’ll contact you when your application has been approved.

3. When your application is approved, make an appointment to see the horse(s) you are interested in.

4. After you choose a horse, sign our adoption contract.

5. Pick up your horse from our facility within 5 days.

We check phone messages once a day and try hard to return calls within 48 hours. You may get a quicker response to your inquiry by emailing

There is an application fee of $20. We accept all major credit cards for application fees, adoption fees and donations:



Find Equine Dentists and Veterinarians in Your Area

Second Stride will reimburse the RRP entry fee for any Second Stride graduate who completes the competition. A top 3 finish earns a custom halter!

Please note other terms and conditions:

Due to the nature of equine adoptions, NO adoption made with Second Stride Inc. has a refundable fee, warranty period, or any obligation to accept previously adopted horses in exchange or trade-in free of charge. We try hard to provide as much information as possible about each horse’s physical and mental state prior to adoption to help ensure that it is suitable for the adoptive home.  We are not liable for any known or unknown defect in an adopted horse.

Thank you for your interest in our program and our adoptable thoroughbreds!