Steel City Dude

5 year old thoroughbred gelding bred in FL
First Dude (Stephen Got Even) out of Lady Loushe by Black Minnaloushe
Eligible for the Retired Racehorse Project's

16.3 plus hands. He last raced on 2/18/22 and retired with a left front sesamoid complete fracture. The joint is fused, he has hardware in the leg. He has slight rotation in his right front. We do have x-rays. He is currently turning out at night with other quiet geldings and does great. 

Steels adoption fee will be waived to approved and responsible applicants. Donations would be appreciated.

Steel is a kind and laid back gelding with a fun and sweet personality. He is very curious and enjoys looking around the farm to see what is going on. He always has his head out his stall door to help make sure you get all your barn chores done. He is quiet in his stall and is friendly when he sniffs noses with other horses.

Steel loves to be groomed and loved on. He stands quietly and wall ties nicely. He is a great therapist and listens while you tell him about your day and all your hopes and dreams! Steel is good at keeping secrets and will be your bff for life! He is playful with other horses but not rambunctious and he has an accepting and kind demeanor toward his pasture mates.

Steel will make a great companion to a working horse, youngster or older gelding. He could possibly be a pony horse at parties carrying up to 150lbs max. He will bring a smile to your face every day and will return the love! He is also suitable for non-riding therapy as he loves children. He isn’t spooky and takes things in stride. He doesn’t mind other animals and is intelligent and easy going.

Steel is good for the vet and farrier. He ground ties for his Magna Wave treatments and really enjoys any kind of therapy and treatments. He does move with a noticeable limp. He is not painful on the leg.

Steel is a very easy keeper and is currently barefoot. You will absolutely fall in love with this boy!


Located at Moserwood Farm in Prospect, KY
ADOPTED! May 2024