Samurai Island

5 year old thoroughbred gelding bred in OK
Lea (First Samurai) out of Island Hop by Dynaformer
Eligible for the Retired Racehorse Project's

17 hands. He last raced on 5/12/23 and retired with a bowed tendon, right front. He will start full turnout with other geldings on 2/13/24. He can walk, trot for 10 minutes beginning 2/19/24. Once he is up to fitness, he should be able to jump up to 3′!

Sam is a kind and energetic gelding who bonds quickly with his caretakers and appreciates time spent grooming or bathing. He stands well for Magna Wave treatments and the farrier. Sam has extremely expressive movement and, given sufficient healing of his bow, would make an impressive mid-level partner.

Once fully and properly healed from the bow, he will be able to train for any discipline. 

Located at Moserwood Farm in Prospect, KY
ADOPTED! April 2024