Peter D

4 year old thoroughbred gelding bred in FL
He's Had Enought (Tapit) out of Super Trooper by Posse
Eligible for the Retired Racehorse Project's

16.2 plus hands he last raced on 8/18/23 and retired with a knee chip. We do have x-rays. The chip is old and small. He does have some arthritis in the knee.

He is quiet while out and while in his stall. He does well walking on a lead rope and is respectful of his handlers. He will try to bite while brushing but listens to respectful corrections well.

Pete is very easy to get along with. He turned out easily with 2 other geldings and settled in quickly. He seems intelligent and classy with a lot of bling! Pete is ready to get started back under saddle.

The chip can be removed. If you want him for a long term athletic career, the chip should be removed. You can leave the chip in for flat work or short term athletic career.

A very nice horse to look at and be around.

Ride eval pending.

Located at Moserwood Farm in Prospect, KY
ADOPTED! September 2023