Mischievous Guy

3 year old thoroughbred gelding bred in FL
Into Mischief (Harlan's Holiday) out of Kappa Gama by Orientate
Eligible for the Retired Racehorse Project's

16 hands. He last raced on 1/27/22 and retired with a left hind suspensory ligament rupture. He had surgery and does have hardware in the leg. We do have the radiographs.

Don’t let his name fool you. He isn’t a mischievous guy. He is quite kind and easy going. He is recovering well from his injury. Currently, he is turning out with several other geldings and doing well.

He seems levelheaded and curious. He is a cribber, controlled with a strap. He stays quiet in his stall and doesn’t pester his neighbors. He is respectful of his handlers and trustworthy. Due to his injury, he is going to make the world’s greatest trail horse and is looking forward to all the adventures he will get to go on with you.

Mischievous Guy still needs time to heal from his injury. We will reassess his soundness in October.

Located at Moserwood Farm in Prospect, KY
$650 Adoption fee for approved applicant who is willing to follow a vet prescribed rehab program.

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