Brown Bag

17 year old thorougbred mare bred in KY
Menifee (Harlan) out of Spring Break by Crafty Prospector

16 plus hands. She has been retired from show life and is now deserving a loving forever pasture home. She is a very kind mare who is sweet with anyone. She is respectful of her handlers and pasture mates. She settles down quickly to graze and keeps to herself while out. She can go out alone or with others and is settled.

Brownie loves her grooming sessions and hangs her head peacefully while being worked on. She wall ties and doesn’t mind the buzz or feel of the clippers. She is quiet in her stall and doesn’t bother her neighbors. 

She will make a great companion, or lesson horse for those learning horsemanship skills. She is not rideable. Brownie is capable of handling a busy barn and doesn’t let much phase her. She can handle youngsters learning to groom and pick feet and doesn’t move a muscle. A tv camera in her face, no problem. 40 people standing around her, no problem. She even likes to play in the water puddles! Just a true gem of a mare!

Brownie is well deserving of a home to live out the rest of her life. She has served her riders well and is looking to be a loving companion to you and or your working horses. She loves to babysit as well!

She is eligible for a $600 shipping credit. She is also eligible for half off her adoption fee to a former adopter in good standing.


Located at Moserwood Farm in Prospect, KY
ADOPTED! July 2023