7 year old thoroughbred gelding bred in KY
Tapit (Pulpit) out of Firdaws by Mr. Greeley
Eligible for the Retired Racehorse Project's

16.2 hands with regal bloodlines. He last raced on 11/26/21 and is a race winner of $280,258. A hard working fellow. He retired with a slight fracture line in the bottom of his sesamoid, and he has calcification in the branches that occurred in December. We do have radiographs. He will need several months of rehab before returning to work. He does have limited range of motion in his LF fetlock and will have limited athletic ability. He will do best with flat work or lower level hunter work.

He is currently on 30 days small paddock turnout and is enjoying being out.  The first of April he can transition to a bigger paddock with another horse. Will need new radiographs taken before returning to light ground work. One year before returning to full training.

Alkhaatam has a fun personality, very curious and in your face guy.  He will need an advanced rider/handler due to his high energy level. He is not for a timid or inexperienced handler as he does try to be sneaky but not mean. Gorgeous piece of eye candy, he is sure to turn heads anywhere he goes.

Ride eval pending.


Located at Moserwood Farm in Prospect,KY
ADOPTED! March 2022