‘21 Encouragement

2 year old thoroughbred gelding bred in KY
Tapiture (Tapit) out of Encouragement by Bertrando

15 plus hands. He was never raced or worked due to OCD’s in his stifles. The OCD’s were removed on 3/28/23. He is currently on stall rest until 4/13/23. He can then begin 2 weeks of handwalking 10-15 min/day. On 4/27/23 he can begin 30 days of round pen turnout. On 5/27/23 he will need to be assessed by your vet to check his healing status and timeline for training.

’21 Encouragement is a sweet, talented gelding who is cooperative and quick-witted in training. He longes well at the walk, including changes of direction and “following the feel,” and is comfortable in a saddle and bridle. He has excellent range of motion for lateral work, with good crossover in haunch and side yields, and he gladly walks and trots over crossrails and gymnastics when led by his handler. He has very nice ground manners, walks respectfully on a lead rope, and stands quietly at the mounting block.  He cross-ties and loves to nap during his grooming sessions.

You will find Encouragement laying down for a nap every morning around 10 AM. He loves to take treats gently from your hand and enjoys going out and running around the field with his buddies. He is a fun loving youngster with a willingness to be loved!

21 Encouragement is sensitive and kind. He responds well to gentle cues and praise.

He is turned out with geldings of all ages and gets along well with all of them.

21 Encouragement is now cleared for any discipline pending rehab.

We love working with this youngster!

Located at Moserwood Farm in Prospect, KY
ADOPTED! June 2023