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2013 - JOCKEY CLUB AMENDS RULE BOOK: ADDS ‘RETIRED FROM RACING’ CLAUSE, changing the rule's wording from "Sold Without Pedigree" to "Sold as Retired from Racing", so that the horse's breeding privileges are not affected.

THE JOCKEY CLUB announces Thoroughbred Connect, part of their Interactive RegistrationTM program. Thoroughbred Connect allows customers to express willingness to be contacted by the possessor of a horse in the event the horse is in need of placement.

THE JOCKEY CLUB records and tracks microchips, helping keep pets from the slaughter house by sales or placements that go wrong, and to identify horses that are lost or stolen. Help ensure that your horses are traceable - have them microchipped!
CLICK HERE FOR OUR HORSE DONATION FORM and the requirements for a horse to enter the Second Stride adoption program >>

Horses will be accepted into the program if space is available and all requirements are met. Please read over the horse donation requirements carefully. We will help with networking for any horse in need if space isn't available in our program or if requirements can't be met.

Monetary donations are encouraged but not required for acceptance of a horse into the program.

Please note that we track adopted horses to make sure they do not ever show up in any future race entries.

We request that donors pay $100 for horses that have not been named, as a donation, to cover our cost to claim a name from the Jockey Club, enabling us to track those horses after adoption.

Please see the donations page or contact us if you would like to help support our program.

We always accept donations by credit card or e-check through PayPal: