volunteer to work with Second Stride

SECOND STRIDE IS A VOLUNTEER BASED PROGRAM, from our groomers to our board members and management team. We strive to be a first rate quality program that is fiscally responsible. Our funding goes straight to the care of our horses. We welcome our adopters and donors to visit our facilities at any time.

On this page we spotlight some of our Second Stride volunteers, and at the same time we hope to inspire others to volunteer their time with us.

We need volunteers to help in many different capacities, including hands-on with the horses (equine mane pullers for instance), fundraising, networking, budget development, office ogranization, public and horsemen relations. We need "Adoption Counselors" to go over applications, call references, and set up visits for potential adopters. We need help with data entry to our database where we maintain adoption application information and donated horse information.

We want to thank our intake coordinators, application coordinators, and all the volunteers working the countless phone calls, emails and applications. This is what makes it all happen. Each phone call is a life line for a horse! Thanks also to all the reporters from the various magazines, online organizations, blogs and TV crews that worked this year to get our message out. Please inquire if you too have a talent you can share with Second Stride.

Email us at info@secondstride.org if you'd like to help Second Stride as a VOLUNTEER.

SEPTEMBER 2019: The Rawlings Group out volunteering for the horses of Second Stride. Working through clouds and drizzling rain with happy, can do attitudes, sanitizing and cleaning buckets, cleaning and conditioning tack, and generally offering to pitch in and do whatever is needed, and love on our horses. We canít thank them enough for the time they dedicated to us!

JULY 2019: Many thanks to Kate Olson for her tireless service to Second Stride! Here she is leading a Second Stride tour with young visitors learning the correct way to hang their lucky horse shoes at home - open side UP so the luck doesnít run out!

June 2019: Many thanks to Kirsten for her hands-on volunteer work with our Second Stride horses. Feedback from riders is so important to help place them in the right homes.

NOVEMBER 2018: Many thanks to Jamie Denton, both for her service to America and her service to Second Stride! Her work with new horses in our program is highly regarded and appreciated by everyone on the Second Stride team. This is Irgun's Star, expertly piloted by Jamie in the mare's first ride back after having 5 foals!

From Jamie Denton: "Iíve been riding for over 25 years, since I was 6, including Pony Club C-3 as a kid. I evented through training level with an amazing, grumpy old Quarter Horse Medicine Hat Paint called Frosty - I got him when I was 12 from my grandparents. He was gentle enough for a 2 year old but made you work hard in dressage (he hated it). He loved fox hunting and cross country though. I was able to take horseback college lessons - best college credit ever! It helped me stay sane while I was in Aerospace Engineering. I commissioned through AFROTC as a 2nd LT and went through pilot training at Sheppard AFB in Texas, then 6 years at Barksdale AFB in Shreveport, LA, flying the B-52. I rode at a fantastic eventing stable, Holly Hill Farm, with a TB/Morgan cross called Jitter and her full Morgan half brother Mel. I deployed to Afghanistan in 2011, then spent over 4 years in Las Vegas flying MQ-9 Reapers. There I rode dressage and stadium jumping on a warmblood called Roman. No XC in the desert though! I deployed last time to Afghanistan in 2013 before I got off active duty and moved to Louisville for the KY Guard, flying C-130s. I was deployed to Kuwait and Iraq this past summer. When I'm not flying I love helping out with the new horses in the Second Stride program, while I look for my next eventing partner."

OCTOBER 2018: Many thanks to Laurel for her YEARS of volunteer work with our horses, including riding for photo shoots and representing Second Stride at events.

SEPTEMBER 2018: Many thanks to Tessa Fry for her volunteer work with our horses. This is Tagleeb, thoroughly enjoying Tessa's attention.

JULY 2018: Our Second Stride volunteer team made great strides tackling a Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville home today. After being told what the Coast Guard team accomplished the day before, the challenge was on!

NOVEMBER 2017: Many thanks to Suzanne Hurst for her grooming and love for our horses - who love her back and look forward to her visits!

OCTOBER 2017: Hay Now...here are some heroes! Many thanks out to our fellow horsemen at Hermitage Farm who donated, hauled and unloaded hundreds of bales of hay on an unseasonably hot day, while braving mad hornets and wayward chickens. We value your dedication and support!

AUGUST 2017: We want to give a huge shout out to Cambron Hagerman from Holy Cross High School! He's doing his senior project, while helping the horses of Second Stride, by disinfecting and cleaning our brushes to help prevent the spread of bacteria and fungus between horses.

Cambron sent us a note with a generous donation, "Thank you for letting me complete my senior service at Second Stride. It is great that Second Stride is there for the horses. I hope this fundraising money can help!"

MARCH 2017: A group 43 strong from University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota volunteered at Second Stride! Jumps were stained and painted, horse shoes were cleaned and spray painted, fences were painted and horses were loved on. We'll be using the painted horse shoes as favors at upcoming fundraising events. Thanks to all, including new adopter and Moserwood boarder Dominick for helping to organize!

MAY 2016: Second Stride hosted volunteers from a Brownie troop that adoptable thoroughberd "Joy to All" was very curious about. She sniffed all their heads as they pulled weeds. She was such a good girl and really couldn't get enough of them. The girls also cleaned lots of tack, scooped some poop and gave Poco the Palomino Pony a nice spa day! Thanks so much to all the Second Stride volunteers!

JANUARY 2016: Second Stride volunteer Amy Lent is not only willing and able to jump in and help, she brings back-up - her Mom Elaine. Both are very capable "horsemen", having tamed wild Mustangs for competition. Amy is also a repeat adopter who competed in last year's Retired Racehorse Project with two horses adopted from Second Stride. She is gearing up for this year's competition as well, but found it in her heart to help with the handling and taming of our new 2016 project horses from the Lexington Humane Society. Thank you Amy and Elaine - your help is invaluable!

SEPTEMBER 2014: Second Stride volunteers Kate Olson and Paul Rutherford are there whenever we need them for any need that may arise. Here they're providing a tour to local students working on a school project. Many thanks to Kate and Paul for all you do for Second Stride!

OCTOBER, 2013: Second Stride horse manager Melissa Trelfa, founder Kim Smith and volunteer trainer Rachel Meffert hit Churchill Downs' stable area after very successful fall fundraisers to look for more horses in need of transition. While there they visited with Champion "Groupie Doll" whose trainer Buff Bradley is a big supporter of Second Stride. After this day of outreach horses were scheduled to come in from D. Wayne Lukas, Michelle Lovell, Al Stall and others!

OCTOBER 2013: We want to recognize Second Stride volunteer Julie Willard, who worked tirelessly alongside our all volunteer board of directors to plan two big October fundraising events! As if Julie's volunteer efforts were not enough, she and her husband Dr. Jeff Willard, DVM (Jericho Equine) make regular and generious cash donations to the horses of Second Stride. Thank-you Julie and Jeff!

JULY 2013: Second Stride volunteer Trish Henrion contributes her time and expertise to Second Stride horses. Trish Henrion is the consulting equine physical therapist at the New England Equine Medical and Surgical Center in Dover, New Hampshire. She also works at Equine Sports Injury and Rehab Services in Kentucky, offering Shock wave therapy, Ultrasound therapy, Laser therapy and drafting/overseeing of rehab programs to veterinarians in the Oldham, Shelby and Henry County, Kentucky areas. More about Trish Henrion >>

JUNE 2013: Photographer Ed Van Meter provides us with some of the best photos you see on this web site, on our facebook page and as artwork offered at our fundraising auctions. One of our board members captured this picture of him at The Flying Cross Horse Trials where he photographed some of the former race horses that Second Stride transitioned to new show homes.

MAY, 2013: MANY THANKS to Bailey Jensen who helps us as a volunteer rider. Bailey is pictured here riding "Sever".

SEPTEMBER, 2012: Thank-you to the volunteer riders who expertly showed adoptable horses to visitors at our annual Labor Day Open House, September 1, 2012

SEPTEMBER, 2012: Thanks again to Second Stride volunteers Maggie and Laurel who manned a booth and talked to visitors about our program at the Turfway Park fall racing meet!

MAY, 2012: Thank-you to volunteer "John" who is pictured here working hard at our Pleasureville, Kentucky location.

MAY, 2012: We'd like to recognize Second Stride volunteer Rachel Meffert who has been working with the horses at our Henry County facility. Here she is pictured with "Pat A." Rachel is also our "New Rider Orient-er", helping orient other volunteer riders.

APRIL, 2012: MANY THANKS to Zach Whiteman, Zach Wheeler, Alex Betson, Jaylen Henry and Bryce Webb from North Oldham who painted and spruced up our jumps! They volunteered as part of Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer's "Give A Day Service Initiative" in partnership with Metro United Way.

Many thanks to Second Stride volunteers who manned a booth and talked to visitors about our program at the Vinery Racing Spiral Stakes day at Turfway Park, March 24, 2012 in Florence, Kentucky.

Second Stride adoptable thoroughbred Smack Daddy with volunteer Carly Giarruso at Moserwood Farm in Prospect. photo by Clay Pullen

Invaluable volunteer Laurel Hall and her Mom Maggie worked with Grand Stage, teaching him ground poles and cross rails, December 2011.

We would like to recognize local volunteer Kate Olson. She is helping Second Stride by setting up a virtual stable for tracking adopted horses to make sure they do not ever show up in any future race entries. It is vitally important to demonstrate to both donors and adopters that we are serious about the terms of the adoption contract. Computer work is a way that volunteers can help Second Stride from any location.

Volunteers Jim Hyatt (left) and Toni Hindall (right) with prospective adopters looking over horses as they are groomed and prepared for their first rides since retiring from the track and entering the Second Stride program.

Volunteer Kelsey Fletcher grooming "Crown Spirit"

Volunteer Kelsey Fletcher riding "Crown Spirit"

Volunteer Erin Fletcher tacking up "Design on a Dime" with help from Second Stride vice president Kathy Stim

Volunteer Erin Fletcher riding "Design on a Dime"

Volunteers Bailey Jensen grooming "Marco Blanco", Erin Buttigieg and Claire Jensen grooming "Fools' Rules"

Volunteer Bailey Jensen riding "Marco Blanco"

Volunteer Claire Jensen riding "Crown Spirit"

Volunteer Megan Polack of Canada started re-training and helped arrange the adoptions of several Second Stride horses while she was temporarily in our area for an internship with John Kenyon American Eye Institute. We were blessed to have this patient, giving and talented rider as part of our team during the summer of 2010, and hope we'll see her again after she finishes school.

Thoroughbred gelding "Wood Be Me" with regular volunteers Jason Plumer and Alex Chaconas. Please visit Alex's blog >>

Volunteer Amy Seiler, pictured here with "Manchester", spent a lot of time developing the Second Stride FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages, a huge investment of time and effort. And if that isn't enough, Amy also helped out at fundraising events and gave hands-on attention to Second Stride horses as needed. We can't thank her enough!

Thoroughbred mare "Lily", pictured left, had the attention of volunteers Maggie Hall-Gates and her daughter Laurel, who rode and trained her prior to her adoption, summer 2010.

Maggie helps with adoption applications and approvals as well as meeting potential adopters and showing them horses at our Prospect farm. Laurel helps us in the grooming and riding department. She routinely rides Second Stride horses in clinics and lessons to help further their experience and training.

Laurel rode "Manofmotion" in a clinic with Susan Posner, April 2011.

We would like to recognize Kathy Stim, a current Second Stride board member and tireless volunteer. Kathy works effortlessly during the horse adoption process, including processing of applications, adoption approvals and also everyday care of the horses. She has helped implement essential computer technology that has streamlined the adoption process. We can't thank her enough for her work with Second Stride.