Second Stride Graduate update from adopter Renata Miller:

I am happy to report that Stuck on Rich is doing very well. She seems to really like living at home with me and she pops her head out any time she sees me standing at the window to check on her. We decided that a new career called for a new name so we decided to call her "Ruby" because she really is a gem. She seems to like that too and will come right over when you call her. She has put on weight and has filled out to be a real beauty. She turns heads anywhere she goes. She is also transitioning to being barefoot and is doing really well! She has seen her first snow and was was having fun trotting around in it in the arena. I've been very pleasantly surprised with how well her winter coat has come in. She isn't as fluffy as some of the winter veterans but for her first Alaskan winter it is quite sufficient, and is better than many horses new to Alaska.

It's been a very busy and wonderful summer and fall. We were able to attend a Jim Briggs cross country jumping clinic at the end of June. I thought it would be a good experience for her to be exposed to all the funny looking things and to ride in a group. I didn't think we would actually do much jumping, but she surprised everyone and jumped everything I pointed her at. She especially loved the water jump and happily hopped in and splashed around. We went again in August and we were able to go off one of the higher banks and she loved it even more. She would jump in take one stride and be out the other bank! I think she was trying to make a bigger splash every time.

Her flat work is also coming on great! At the rate she's progressing I think we might be ready to show training level dressage next summer. She has such wonderful movement I think she will do very well. She also loves riding on the trails and is absolutely fearless. She has ridden past moose eating in the bushes more calmly than some horses that have been seeing them for years. Everything from ditches to bridges, she is happy to navigate any obstacles in the way.

I can't really express in words how happy I am to have her. She's developing into a wonderful partner and is such a sweetheart. We all love having her here. She is my dream come true.