adopted horses at shows, clinics and other events

NOVEMBER 2019: PADOGA, adopted in 2018.
OCTOBER 2019: HOW DIVINE, adopted in 2018. Pictured at the 2019 RRP Thoroughbred Makeover where they competed in both the show hunter and dressage divisions.
OCTOBER 2019: ETOILE ROYALE, adopted in 2015.
OCTOBER 2019: TALONS OF TUSCANY, adopted in 2016.

Affectionately called "Baby Tusk" and "Tuscany": USEF (Life Membership): #5505925

Owner and WCHR Developing Professional Ali Barros has done the retraining and riding entirely herself. She has worked with top professionals to ensure Tuscany has had the best training possible to succeed in hunters, jumpers, and eventing. Tuscany has worked with Dave Pellegrini of Spring Mill Farm (hunters) and Shannyn Brown of Ulric Equestrian (eventing).

Tuscany competed in his first hunter show in the fall of 2017 at Meg Ford in Memphis, Tenn. He won champion overall of his hunter division and ended the year fifth overall in the Meg Ford high point standings. He competed in the Baby Greens at the 2018 Germantown Charity Horse Show placing in every class he entered. Here are some of his accomplishments:

ē 2018 Middle Tennessee Hunter Jumper Association (MTHJA) Baby Green Third Place High Point Award Winner
ē 2019 USHJA Invitational Low Jumpers Reserve Champion in Nashville, Tenn. (first time in jumpers to date)
ē 2019 USHJA Zone 4 Outreach Jumpers Champion

Tuscany will compete in 3' jumpers with Ali in 2020 under Head Show Jumping Coach: Martin Klein. Tuscany may also dabble in BN Eventing in the Spring of 2020.

Tuscany has become best friends and partners in crime with Ali's 2003 OTTB gelding "Let It Rock" aka "Pierre" (JC: Sword's Pride/USEA: Pride Roc). Both horses have lived together since Tuscany was adopted in 2016. Both horses will remain with Ali Barros in her professional program until retirement. Although Barros Sporthorses, LLC prides itself on it's quality match making skills for horse/rider and having a strong sale program; Ali has decided to keep both Tuscany and Pierre forever.

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SEPTEMBER 2019: GRACIE THE GREAT, adopted in 2012, at the 2019 Thoroughbred Incentive Program Championships.
SEPTEMBER 2019: BRAHMS FLYER, adopted in 2015. Novice Amateur USEA American Eventing Championships 2019.
JULY 2019: TIZTHESOUND, adopted in 2019 by Moserwood Farms LLC, was inspected and approved Book 1 for Westfalen NA Warmblood sport horse breeding registry. She is confirmed in foal 2019 to Mystic Blue Eyes GF and has also started sport horse training. She had good marks for her uphill way of going and correct conformation. Photo Credit Allie Armento.
JUNE 2019: AVARICIOUS, adopted in 2018. "A perfect example of what thoroughbreds can do. Sweet Avaricious! We now call him Elmo. He went to his 4th show today and earned two first place ribbons. He got a 65% on one dressage test and he improves with every ride. We love him so! Thanks for all you do for these beautiful horses!"
May 2019: Eventing coach Debbie Iezzi and Second Stride graduate Maxfli (Dick's Gamble) in great form over the Open Intermediate course at Chattahoochee Hills.
DECEMBER 2018: SHARP GAME, adopted in 2017. "He won the Thoroughbred Charities of America (TCA) Dressage Award at the 2018 RRP Makeover."
OCTOBER 2018: PAT A., adopted in 2012. Reserve Champion in the 4th Level Open division regionals.
OCTOBER 2018: DESERVED, adopted in 2017. "Abby and Desi had a great year culminating in the 2018 RRP Makeover."
OCTOBER 2018: CRONINTHEBARBARIAN, adopted in 2018, making an excellent showing at the 2018 RRP Thoroughbred Makeover.
OCTOBER 2018: POWER PLANT, adopted in 2017. "Power Plant (Duke) competed in the show jumpers and show hunters. We placed 18th in the show jumpers out of 144!! We also won the Best Turned Out Award in the jumpers as well as the TCA Award for the highest placing in that division with a horse acquired through a TCA organization. Thank you for an awesome horse! He is loving his new career!"
SEPTEMBER 2018: SAFELY SPUN, adopted in 2014. His adopter Kate Snyder reports, "At nine years old, Second Stride, Inc. graduate Safely Spun finally broke his maiden and got to stand for a win photo in a real winnerís circle. Third Level, The Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program CHAMPS!"

"Yes itís pouring rain in this photo and yes heís mad that I made him wear all of his prizes and stand still in the circle but we were already drenched and thank goodness he pricked his ears at Amelia Jean Foster tossing grass in the air. This snapshot of joy was captured by Winslow Photography LLC and made possible by Battle Creek Dressage."
SEPTEMBER 2018: MOUNT ISTAN, adopted in 2014. With his adopter, they're showing second level dressage and quickly progressing on to third level!
AUGUST 2018: SAFELY SPUN, adopted in 2014. With his adopter Kate Snyder, he achieved the USDF Bronze medal!
JULY 2018: W V Jetsetter, adopted in 2017. Bringing home the Tricolor!
JUNE 2018: Auntie Joanne, adopted in 2017. From her owner, "We are having lots of fun!"
APRIL 2018: Whiskey Decision, adopted in 2017. Earning the ribbons like a seasoned PRO!
MARCH 2018: To the Woodshed, adopted in 2008. From his current partner, "We do hunter/jumpers, equitation and some derbies/ medals, etc. He is 13 now, and is such a good horse."
MARCH 2018: Strike a Balance, adopted in 2015. Now an accomplished barrel racer!
MARCH 2018: Give Me the Ball, adopted September 2016, and now excelling at eventing.
FEBRUARY 2018: Gold Light, adopted in 2014. Earning ribbons in the hunter/jumper divisions!
FEBRUARY 2018: Coumadin Ridge, adopted July 2012. Showjumping specialist, winner of the Power and Speed class!
DECEMBER 2017: Donít Tell Me No, adopted in 2016.

Update from his owner, "She's truly my heart horse. We've done almost everything under the sun from jumping, to Ranch Obstacle Trail competitions (recently winning 4th place), and even barrel racing. She's the type of horse that prefers to be part of your business. Whatever it may be. She is so very clever, and tries to please. She's the queen around here, and she keeps a regal face too. She still believes that the cattle are out to get her, but I believe sheíll get over that with time. Our farrier has commented that she's one of the most well behaved OTTBs that he's ever shod. We've also practiced carrying a flag, and bowing. She naturally comes into the connection when asked, but I've also ridden her with a hackamore. Itís only fitting that she has her own Facebook page, but I'm usually the one posting about her as often as I can. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas from the Prince family."
DECEMBER 2017: Safely Spun, adopted March 2014, is pictured here with junior rider Bridgid Browne in the TEAM (Training, Education and Mentoring) program clinic at Battle Creek Dressage. The clinic is put on by Olympic dressage rider Lendon Gray.

Owner Kate Snyder reported, "Bridgid was able to hop on and push all his fancy buttons for canter lengthenings, trot half-pass, zig zags, travers, renvers and more. What a great showcase of the trainability of the OTTB. Lendon even complimented him on his great engine, and spoke highly of Thoroughbreds in dressage!"
OCTOBER 2017: Range, adopted in 2015. Update from his owner, "Range went to his first show over the weekend and not a hoof out of place, acted like he had been doing this his entire life. 3 firsts and a second! Heís such a dream come true. Thank you for all you did for him while he was there, and everything you continue to do for all the wonderful OTTBs!"
OCTOBER 2017: Charlie's Best, adopted in 2016, with Abby at the Retired Racehorse Project competition of 2017. "It was so much fun, we stopped and picked up our 2018 makeover horse at Second stride on our way home!"
OCTOBER 2017: Column, adopted in 2014. Update from rider Phylena Babbitt, "Finished 4th at Percy Warner Equestrian Park, and finished on our dressage score at two events in a row!"
OCTOBER 2017: Rose Leaves and Brittany Bennett, Baby G and Alex Mills finished Top 5 at the Retired Racehorse Project competition of 2017! Both adopted in 2016.

Check out this inspiring video about Rose Leaves and her journey to the RRP >>

Other Second Stride graduates with impressive showings at the RRP are 3 year old filly Charlie's Best in freestyle and 6 year old gelding Vindicated in showjumping. Congratulations to all the competitors!
OCTOBER 2017: Manchester, adopted in 2010. Update from rider Lila Brown, "One rail to finish 3rd on a 37.2 at my first Training level! And I had only one or neither of my stirrups for 8 of the 10 jumps! Thanks to Sarah Younger for always stressing the importance of no stirrups work."
AUGUST 2017: R Rocky, adopted September 2016.
AUGUST 2017: Charlie's Best, adopted October 2016. Earning the Blue Ribbons!
APRIL 2017: RW Stretch, adopted January 2016.

Earning ribbons jumping 2'6"!
MARCH 2017: Coumadin Ridge, adopted July 2012. Reserve Champion in showjumping!
FEBRUARY 2017: Inki Blandford, adopted August 2011.

2nd in Preliminary/Training levels at Poplar Place Farm Horse Trials, Feb 4-5, 2017!
OCTOBER 2016: Speedy Girl, adopted April 2016. Competed at the 2016 Retired Racehorse Project in barrel racing!
NOVEMBER 2016: Jonny's Rules, adopted September 2016.
NOVEMBER 2016: The Dressage Foundation announced 2016 recipients of the Carol Lavell Gifted Memorial Fund Scholarships for Adult Amateurs. Second Stride is proud to share that Kate Snyder (KY) and her Off-Track Thoroughbred and Second Stride graduate SAFELY SPUN will receive a $1,000 Scholarship to enable them to set aside quality time in concentrated training with their horse, trainer of choice, and away from the daily pressures of job and family. Kate and Safely Spun will train with Laura Burket. Kate is a member of Kentucky Dressage Association. Photo by Blossomwood Photography.
AUGUST 2016: Gold Light, adopted December 2014, & his new owner Nicole won 1st place in Training level dressage!
MARCH 2016: Talon, adopted July 2010, in very cool shot!
MARCH 2016: Kangamangus & Emilee won 1st place in Open Equitation.
MARCH 2016: Copper Too, won the Tadpole division of her first event with a 34!
MARCH 2016: Column, adopted August 2014, earning the ribbons!
FEBRUARY 2016: Curious George, adopted December 2012, schooling Preliminary at Jumping Branch Farm.
MAY 2015: Emily and Louis Eldridge celebrated their one year anniversary on May 24th with homemade horse treats and a show on May 30th!
MAY 2015: Head Gear, adopted July 2014, achieved First Reserve Championship in his first Hunter show, and second show ever! Thanks for the update from Second Chance Thoroughbreds!
MAY 2015: Sainte Mere Eglise, adopted December 2014, finished 2nd at Flying Cross Combined Test - his second show!
APRIL 2015: Face of Glory, adopted December 2014, is entered in the 2015 $100,000 Thoroughbred Makeover Competition for Ranch Work, Trails and will drive in the Freestyle class. Face of Glory is pictured here at the FIRST THOROUGHBRED MAKEOVER PREVIEW, held at the 2015 Rolex 3-day Event.
APRIL 2015: Face of Glory, adopted December 2014, is pictured here participating in a clinic at the 2015 Equine Affaire AND he is entered in the 2015 $100,000 Thoroughbred Makeover Competition for Ranch Work, Trails and will drive in the Freestyle class. Face of Glory is currently making progress in western dressage, negotiating trail obstacles and driving. He is also learning a few tricks and can be ridden blind-folded and also bridle-less!
APRIL 2015: Southern Awe, adopted January 2013, led his Beginner Novice division from the start, at Spring Bay Horse Trials, finishing with a 32. "Ready to move up to Novice! He gives me so much confidence! I'm thankful for him every day!"
MARCH 2015: Southern Awe, adopted January 2013, competed in the Beginner Novice division at the Paul Frazer Memorial CT, March 29, 2015. He scored a 29 in dressage, and jumped double clear! Photo by JJ Sillman Photography.
MARCH 2015: Safely Spun, adopted March 2014, was named 2014 Intro Dressage Champion (Adult Amateur category) for the Kentucky Dressage Association, after only a year of re-training for his new career!
OCTOBER 2014: Here is Eventing coach Deborah Iezzi and now CIC** Three Day Eventing horse Maxfli (Dick's Gamble) - they finished 10th at VAHT CIC**.
SEPTEMBER 2014: Emily & Eldridge went to their first horse show this September following a great summer spending at least 4 days a week together.

"They had a great summer. Eldridge seems really happy. He has gained some weight and is learning the routine in his new home."

We want to congratulate Emily & Eldridge (barn name "Louie") on their accomplishments and we look forward to hearing from them again in the future!
SEPTEMBER 2014: Regally Outflanked is now a Barrel horse! Here he is with his new owner at their first show together.
SEPTEMBER 2014: "I adopted my horse Slew Fella from Second Stride in 2009 and I'm getting him ready for Prelim/CCI* this winter. Can't tell you enough how much I love this horse!! He's my everything, you guys do amazing things with your horses! So glad someone gives them a chance to find what they're meant to do."
AUGUST 2014: "Ocho Caballero" at The Spring Run Farm Fall Mini Trial! Some comments from Facebook: "He is a cross country machine. Very nicely done!" and "Very beautiful horse and talented rider! A joy to watch!"

Update: Ocho Caballero is eventing at Training level in 2016!
JULY 2014: Second Stride graduate "Smokin' Hot", adopted in 2013: "Smokin' Hot, or Quinn as he's known to his friends, is such a star!! He's spent the summer learning how to be an event horse and eating starter cross country courses for breakfast. He has aspirations to move up to beginner novice in the fall and can't wait to jump bigger fences on course. Here he is at May Daze Horse Trials where he ended up 8th in his starter division. I can't wait to see where the rest of the year takes us!"
JULY 2014: A huge congrats to Kate and Safely Spun! They scored 70% and 68.43% at his very first show, placing first AND second in the intro percentage class. "Chance" just came off the track in March and was adopted through Second Stride. This pair has a very bright future! "He LOVES his new career. Thank you Second Stride!"
JULY 2014: Second Stride graduate "Dictum", pictured here at an eventing clinic, preparing for his competition debut. His new owner reports, "Dictum is doing fantastic and will likely be entered in Novice eventing in area IX next season. He's a dream and a barn favorite."
JUNE 2014: Second Stride graduate "GOWHEREYOUGAZE" won second place in hunter under saddle!
MAY 2014: Second Stride graduate "Manchester" at Chattahoochee Hills where he finished double clear on his dressage score in the Training division!
MAY 2014: Second Stride graduate "Inki Blandford" was a superstar at MayDaze Horse Trials this year, rocking it at Preliminary level!
MAY 2014: This special little horse "Ocho Caballero" was adopted November 2012 and this month finished clean on his dressage score in his first sanctioned show! His owner reports, "He is incredibly bold and scopey in both jumping phases. His progress is amazing and I have never finished an event more proud."
MAY 2014: Century Shake Up was adopted November, 2013. His new owner reported that he just did his first cross country schooling, and he was PERFECT!
MARCH 2014: Here is Second Stride graduate Three Carat Cat going Novice level at Poplar Place Farm Horse Trials. He went double clear (no jumping faults in both x-country and showjumping) and finished 7th of 17 with his new junior rider!
MARCH 2014: "Southern Awe", now known as "Rebel" spent a week in Aiken, SC training with Megan Moore. The week was full of many firsts for him and he took them all literally in stride. "I could not be happier with our partnership. It is fabulous to feel how brave he is becoming to fences. We cannot wait to see where this upcoming season takes us. Many thanks to Second Stride!" - Rachel and Rebel
FEBRUARY 2014: Here is Second Stride graduate Manchester going Training level at Paradise Farms. He scored a 28.1 in dressage, defeating several Olympians' expensive Irish imports in the sandbox.
OCTOBER 2013: "Where U At", adopted in May and now living in Georgia, won his first blue ribbon in English Pleasure!
SEPTEMBER 2013: Nicole W. reports, "Curiosity (Curious George) got his first win this weekend at The Georgetown Horse Trials with a 31.0 dressage! Thank you for this special guy!!"
AUGUST 2013: Adoptive owner Megan Moore reports on Unknown Origin (aka "Veni Vidi Vici"), now eventing at Training level - "Vici is LOVING being an event horse! He sums up everything a young event horse should be...brave, honest, scopey, talented, and a little bit cocky. We absolutely LOVE him. Thank you so much for finding this wonderful youngster!"
JUNE 2013: Inki Blandford placed 2nd in a sanctioned Preliminary level event, one year since starting competition in the United States Eventing Association.
MAY 2013: Thanks again to Ed Van Meter for his great photo of adopted horse First Instinct with his new owner at their third show, a mini trial where they ribboned 6th.
MARCH 2013: Curious George, competing in his first BN Combined Test in Aiken, SC.
MARCH 2013: Shesa Louie at her first show where her new owner reports, "She handled everything like an old Pro. This mare rocks! I just love her."
DECEMBER 2012: Lucky Forrest, now known as "Forrest Jump", loves his new job as an eventer.
NOVEMBER 2012: When SS Dan's Victory came to us at Second Stride, he had not been broke to ride yet. He was started under saddle at the Second Stride facility and was adopted soon after. His new family reported, "We took him to his first schooling show so he could get used to the show environment and just try a class. A Saddlebred show was wrapping up when we got there, and despite utter chaos all around, he settled and did quite well."
OCTOBER 2012: Another Second Stride graduate who competed at the 2012 Hagyard Midsouth Three Day Event, was "Maxfli" (Dick's Gamble), who finished 3rd with owner Debbie Iezzi in their first CCI* event!
OCTOBER 2012: Also competing at the 2012 Hagyard Midsouth Three Day Event was Raymond B., one of the catalysts for the conception of Second Stride, who along with his owner Lindsey Rairden helped inspire the founding of our non-profit organization for retired thoroughbred racehorses in 2005.
OCTOBER 2012: Several Second Stride graduates competed at the 2012 Hagyard Midsouth Three Day Event, including Manchester who ended on a 37.5 for 8th place of 25 in the Novice division.
AUGUST 2012: Kiss Control and her adopter Amanda started out together showing hunters. Amanda then bred Kiss Control to a Foundation Quarter Horse stallion and she foaled a lovely filly that will be suitable to train for any sport.
JUNE 2012: Inki Blandford's adoptive owner reported that he ran his first Training level evemt (only his second USEA event) and finished 4th of 13 entries! He scored 36.8 in dressage and was clear on cross country. "He is a super star and loves his new career!"
FEBRUARY 2012: Lucky's new owner reports, "In his first show, a little girl at my barn rode him in a cross rails class and they got first place, and we ribboned second and fourth in our hunter flat classes!"
SEPTEMBER 2011: Danielle D. sent us a photo from Jump Aboard's first event where they finished 2nd at the Beginner Novice level!
SEPTEMBER 2011: Several Second Stride graduates competed at the 2011 USEA KY Classique Horse Trials. This was a very solid cross country course and competition was fierce. Manchester with Amy S. finished 6th of 15 in the Beginner Novice division, and Specter with Amanda M. finished 7th of 11 in the Novice division. Manchester is pictured here on cross country.
AUGUST 2011: Second Stride graduate Dick's Gamble competes as "Maxfli", with adoptive owner Debbie Iezzi. Competing in their first Preliminary Event at Penny Oaks Horse Trials, they finished 3rd with a score of 27! They continued their winning ways in 2012, finishing 1st-3rd in several events at the Open Preliminary level.
JUNE 2011: "Senor Sancho" was originally adopted by and received his initial training from Yvonne Williams in 2004. Yvonne is very well known for scouting out young eventing prospects to start training and resell. After providing his basic training, Yvonne sold Senor Sancho to a lower level eventing student taught by upper level rider and trainer Martha Lambert. As he showed advanced potential, Senor Sancho then moved on to upper level rider Elissa Estes Gibbs, who is still his owner today. In 2011, at age 11 and using show name "Medici", he is successfully competing in CCI*** events and qualified for The Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event, the only four star event in the Americas.

UPDATE 2019: Medici and Elissa went on to compete at the advanced level for 5 years, including 12 FEI 3* competitions, including 2nd in the 3* at Red Hills and 8th in the 3* at Bromont. He was short listed for the Pan Am Games and earned the USEF grant to compete at Boekelo 3* in Poland. In his later years he was leased to a Young Rider before retiring at Elissa's farm near Lexington, KY where he resides today at age 19.

Senor Sancho was an early placement by Second Stride's founder Kim Smith that helped inspire her to formalize the adoption process and the non-profit organization in 2005. Jere Smith Jr. retired him sound from racing and asked Kim for help placing him in a show home. Senor Sancho was still a stallion, so Kim also helped by boarding him at her farm while evaluating his potential for a new career, and castrating him. At that time there were no adoption organizations providing this kind of service. Senor Sancho is a great example of a well handled retirement, placement and training of a racehorse for a new career.

Retired thoroughbred racehorses often make excellent eventing prospects. Eventing is an Olympic sport that requires many years of training to reach that level, and most horses at that level are 10-15 years old. Aspiring Olympic level riders are extremely supportive of the racing industry's thoroughbred retirement programs as adopters of the "sound but slow" runners. To learn more about eventing, visit the web site of the United States Eventing Association.

The photo at right is Medici in 2007. Video of Medici at a 2009 event >>

photo by Xpress Foto

JUNE 2011: Eventing Nation featured a story about Second Stride graduate Manchester following his first Beginner Novice event at the 2011 Indiana Eventing Association Horse Trials >>
JUNE 2011: Second Stride presented a trophy to local rider Emma Burch who rode former Second Stride horse "Winston" (To the Woodshed), to earn the best overall score of 34.1 at the Spring Run Horse Trials. Three other horses were competing as Second Stride graduates eligible for this prize.

Aisling Carroll won the best Over All Thoroughbred Award sponsored by Second Stride for the second year in a row on her Claiborne bred mare "Fluff". She finished with a great score of 24! Aisling is the daughter of local race trainer David Carroll.

Pictured at right, with Aisling receiving her award (premium saddle pad), is the show's host and organizer Susan Harris, Second Stride board member and award presenter Amy Seiler, and Second Stride board members Joan Thompson and Kathy Stim.

JUNE 2010: Second Stride again sponsored a Trophy for thoroughbreds that have been through our program, at Spring Run Horse Trials held in Prospect, Kentucky, June 2010. There were several horses in contention for the Trophy this year including Next Generation with Jim Nealon at Training level, and Fuji with Beth Geiser at Novice level. The winner was "Look Cody Look" and rider Letha Calvin with a score of 30.0. Cody is by Code Word R. out of the Miswaki mare Lookin Good Darlin.

The saddle pad prize for all competing thoroughbreds went to Aisling Carroll, daughter of race trainer David Carroll, on her super nice mare Fluff. They finished the Novice rider B group on a 26.2 score with 4 penalty points in stadium jumping. Dressage was finished with an amazing score of 22.2! This mare comes from the famous Claiborne Stables, breeder Dell Hancock. She is by Flatter out of Fence by Boundary. Everyone was full of comments on what a lovely sensible mind and steady personality this mare has, along with her beautiful movement and athleticism.
JUNE 2009: Second Stride sponsored a silver trophy cup, engraved by the same engraver as the Kentucky Derby Trophy, for the overall best scoring Second Stride horse at the Spring Run USEA sanctioned horse trial held in Kentucky, June 13th and 14th, 2009. This is one of the nation's oldest sanctioned horse trials and is right across the street from the leased facility where we train Second Stride horses. Second Stride also awarded a saddle pad to the overall best scoring Thoroughbred at the show.

Debbie Iezzi and Maxfli (Dick's Gamble) won the silver trophy - they were in contention with Mt. Fuji, another adopted horse from our program that actually won his division for his adoptive owner! Local eventing coach and top level three day event rider Martha Lambert won the saddle pad for the best scoring thoroughbred. She had a 29.5 in dressage and won on that score overall.

We wish luck to all as they move up the eventing show ranks.
MAY 2011: Former Second Stride horses who we know competed at the 2011 USEA/USEF Recognized May-Daze Horse Trials at the Kentucky Horse Park were Max, Fancee Schmancee, Hachimaki, Paintspot, and Cultured.
thoroughbred eventing MAY 2011: Point May, now known as "Talon", finished his first Training level event at Greater Dayton Horse Trials with double clear stadium and cross country.

Also competing at Greater Dayton Horse Trials was Second Stride graduate "Specter". Only 2 months after his adoption he finished 6th at the Beginner Novice level. His new owner Amanda wrote about the show in her blog >>

April 2011: Immediately after a torrential rainstorm, Jim Nealon and 2007 Second Stride graduate "Next Generation" perform a clean show jumping round on the way to finishing 2nd of 11 at the Spring Bay Horse Trials held at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington. July 2011: "Next Generation" won the OPEN PRELIMINARY division Three Day Event at Gemwood Horse Trials on July 24th in Fairborn, Ohio!

2011: The video below is from a Lynn Coates-Holmes clinic at Spring Run Farm, where Second Stride program 2009 graduate "Hachimaki" participated >>