more adopted horses at shows, clinics and other events

Laureano, thoroughbred gelding, placed in a show home in Kentucky in 2007.

from new owner Kate: "We took Laureano cross country schooling yesterday at the Horse Park. He was a very good boy. Had a little issue with the coop at first but then he was fine once he figured it out. He went right up and down the small bank. We didn't do much with him because of his age and his conditioning. Here's a few pictures of what we did do. His biggest issue was getting him to canter past the other horses, he wasn't too fond of that. But he was very quiet other than that and he didn't get nervous at all either. We're going to skip the mini trial at Masterson Station in July and go to a 2 day clinic in Indiana instead that is the same weekend. I don't want to to rush him too much. Hope you enjoy the pictures."

update August 2007: "Just wanted to let you know how the Simon Eades clinic went - Laureano was fabulous! Simon loved him, said he was "oozing with talent, wonderfully brilliant and has a lot of good things going for him." By the end of the weekend he was galloping into and out of the water, dropping down into the water, going over ditches and through a picture frame. He was also great in the grids. Simon said he was absolutely perfect through the set of 6 bounces that he had us doing!" - Kate

Bad Boy Bob (Caspian), thoroughbred gelding, placed in a home with young riders Jane and Paige Terryberry (NC) in 2007.

update April 2007: "Last weekend, we entered Caspian in a hunter pace event. We went for optimum time, an anonymous time set by a field master. The pair with the closest time wins. At the end of the day, we came home with a second place ribbon and a rose. We were just a little bit off the time. We had so much fun! We galloped along with a loose rein behind my partner. At the end, I “hand rode” him up the hill with a big smile. We were complimented several times on how beautiful he was. Everyone up in Middleburg loves him. I am set up for a week there in June to train with some big eventers. Both Bomber and Caspian will attend. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us and the amazing horses you have sent our way!" - Jane

Next Generation, thoroughbred gelding, placed with top event rider Jim Nealon (OH) in 2007.

update from Jim: "Next traveled like a champ and arrived at his temporary stabling like he'd been there his whole life. What a great horse! I look forward to working with Second Stride again."
Camille's Best, thoroughbred gelding, placed in eventing show home (VT)

update 2007 from new owner Susan: "Camille or as we called him “Just Cam” was recently sold to a young rider this past year. Kelly did not really want to let him go as he was about to move up to Preliminary level. He was hard to part with as he did everything so well. The first year we had him he was too young to enter into sanctioned events. He got a lot of dressage/flat lessons and was introduced to a variety of elements that you find on cross country. That fall he did some hunter paces and loved it. The next year he started the sanctioned events and was never out of the ribbons. As his schooling and showing advanced he just got better and better. He was always level headed but would step up to any challenge. We were excited about him starting preliminary as we were aiming him toward his first 3-Day event. Kelly’s long time instructor called us about selling Cam to her young student. Although we were reluctant, everything is pretty much for sale, as that is how we make ends meet on the farm. The young girl and Cam were a beautiful fit. Cam has started back down at beginner novice with her and they are doing wonderfully well. What is so great about Cam is that he can ratchet down or up to the level of the rider. He is such a smart boy. I am attaching a picture of my granddaughter on Cam (when he was 4 and she was 6). I would love to get more horses like him."

Richmama, thoroughbred mare, placed with upper level event rider Selena Pape (KY).

update 2006: Richmama ("Anticipation") WON the Preliminary division of River Glen Horse Trials with owner Selena Pape. She then began schooling Intermediate, and qualified for CCI* and AEC. She then WON the Kentucky Classic CCI* at the Kentucky Horse Park.

update 2007: Richmama ("Anticipation") WON the Intermediate/Prelim division of Fence Horse Trials, April 2007.
Patriot Pride, thoroughbred gelding by AP Indy, placed in eventing show home (KY)

Owner Tracey Corey comments, "Just wanted to let you know that Patriot's Pride (Houdini) is doing GREAT. We've been working with Monica Bliss in Dressage, and taking some jump lessons with Carrie Barrick. I also want to get back to jump lessons with Martha Lambert. We competed in the Covered Bridge Pony Club Combined Test yesterday, in the Senior Novice Division. He scored a 30 in Dressage -- the next closest score was a 35. He pulled a rail on the first fence in Stadium -- just wasn't focused yet -- and went clean after that, so we held on to first place. Not bad for our first Novice level competition. I think he is going to have a spectacular season! Our first event will be Spring Bay, followed by River Glen -- both in April. Thanks!"

update on Patriot Pride - he and Tracy finished in 1st place at River Glen in the Novice Rider division, with a 27 in dressage.
You Rule My World, thoroughbred gelding, placed in eventing show home (KY)

update 2006 - "Top Gun" is eventing at Novice level and has ribboned in every horse trial he’s competed in, including 1st at Champagne Run MT, 2nd Spring Bay HT, 2nd Penny Oaks HT, 2nd Octoberfest CT, 3rd Gemwood HT.
Bomb Site, thoroughbred gelding, retired from racing and adopted in 2004.

"We entered Bomber in a Junior Field Masters Chase. Well, despite being under the worst conditions (a steady downpour, sloppy course) Bomb Site proved himself a champion. Even when the Hunt Master’s horse refused a wall and sent her into the mud, Bomber went over every jump as cool as can be. I was so proud of him! The final test was the ¼ mile race at the end. Bomber and I started way behind (as it was my 1st time EVER) but quickly closed ground on all the field. Only one horse stayed ahead of us, and she was disqualified for going off course. She made an I-shaped course out of a C-shaped course! Anyway, Bomber and I are happy winners - Jane
P.S. Bomber was #6, the same number he was when he won his maiden race by a mile!"

more photos of Bomb Site enjoying his new career >>

Bomb Site
Awesome Lad, thoroughbred gelding, eventing prospect adopted by Kara Eros Andrew (OH), Open Rider of the Year Division Area VIII. Kara sold him to Sara McCullough, Royal Oaks Pony Club, Bloomington, IL in 2006.

"I just wanted to let you know that Lad went to his first dressage show today. I rode him in two classes, Intro B and Training level test 1. He won the intro class with a 65.9%! I think I told you that I body clipped him, pulled his mane and he stood like a gentleman. I have him signed up for a combined test the first weekend of May and the OTTB class at a recognized event the following weekend - Kara."
Awesome Lad