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Second Stride, Inc. Board Member Debbie Iezzi

Debbie is the owner of DMI Eventing, and two Second Stride graduates, Maxfli and Fancee Schmancee. She is an accomplished competitor, coach, instructor and trainer for the sport of eventing. Debbie's horse Maxfli came from Second Stride in early 2009 and they are currently competing at the higher levels of the sport. Debbie is also bringing along her younger mare, Fancee Schmancee, achieving steady advancement.

Debbie has ridden with many world-renowned trainers including: Buck Davidson, Jan Bynny, Jimmy Wofford, Jim Graham, Alex Gerding, Leslie Law, Mark Combs, Lynn Coates-Holmes, Missy Ransenhousen, Denny Emerson, Phillip Dutton, Lucinda Green, Michelle Gibson, Peter Grey, Jennifer Hollings and Dorothy Crowell. Debbie's facebook page >>