Second Stride-Rutherford Arena at Moserwood Farm II, Henry County, Pleasureville, Kentucky

This fenced-in outdoor riding arena was made possible by fundraisers and donations. The new arena has lead to an increase in adoptions because we can safely ride, train, and show our horses to prospective adopters at our Henry County facility.

update 9/20/10 - Ground is broken but weather forecasts say it may be some time before we get enough rain to soak the dirt and allow our contractor to completely finish preparing the arena site. In the meantime, they will cut the road in that will have a mouth wide enough for very large horse vans like those used at race tracks. The road will go up and along the arena and then behind it towards the barns. It will have an unloading chute and a circle out to the driveway. We will be calling it the Rutherford Arena in honor of Maxine Rutherford who donated a large amount of the funds for arena construction.

Ground breaking - 9/7/10